Attention training is fundamental to developing leadership in business on 4 levels:

  1. Manage self: my vitality/balance
  2. Lead self: my attention/performance
  3. Lead others/together: build trust as leader/team
  4. Lead change

So where to start to bring your employees, team or managers to the next level?

Scroll down to read our 4 needs profiles. Click on the one that resonates most. This will bring you to the corresponding key program page. There you will see a menu: the key program + intro workshops to test interest for this program in your organisation. We know mindfulness is sensitive to introduce, so we adapt our language and customize programs.

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  • Help employees develop personal leadership to

    Manage vitality, resilience and balance

    Are you a HR manager or Wellbeing project lead? Does your company attract ambitious people who need to navigate high pressures successfully to avoid burn-out and stay engaged?

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  • Help your people train the attention to

    Achieve peak performance & unlock potential

    Are you a Learning & Development HR manager? Is information overload & non-stop distraction affecting your people’s ability to pay attention, set priorities or tap into new skills acquired in L&D?

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  • Train interactive mindfulness to

    Build trust as a Leader/Team

    Are you a Leader/Team looking to increase team trust, inclusion and purpose? Is your team diverse & ambitious? With good intentions to bring out the best in each other, but reverting to habitual interactions under pressure?

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  • Train group mindsets to

    Realise Transformational System Change

    Are you an (Agile) Change Leader looking to create a shift to People, Planet, Profit, Purpose? In a complex, multi-stakeholder environment? Do you find intentions to change don’t stick because people are hardwired to revert to habit?

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