Build Trust As A Leader/Team

In most businesses, Command/Control management is the norm. Today’s leaders were often also mentored by Command/Control managers, so it is hard to break that mold.

Even though this leadership style brought good results so far, a shift is urgently needed to successfully meet the challenges ahead: A shift towards Trust, Collaboration and Shared Leadership. Teams can learn to build such trust: a safe space to connect; appreciate each other; experiment; engage everyone and leverage diversity to find the best solutions.

(Leadership) Team building day(s) help set the right intentions. But – back at work – it is easy to revert to habit under pressure. Interactive (Team) Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership training are key to making intentions reality.

Daily practices – on the job – help bring out the best in each other and be fully present to what is needed in each new moment: even under pressure.

Teams & Leadership Programs


Build Trust: 0,5-2 day team sessions + leadership training

Intro Workshop Building Trust - Teams (0,5 day)

This 0,5 day workshop helps teams appreciate diversity in perspectives, communication styles and backgrounds. As a team you learn to leverage the friction that can arise from diversity as a source for Growth; Bonding and Trust.

We prepare the workshop tailored to your specific team needs.

Starting point can be (an already taken MBTI, Insights discovery) team role test and learning how to really work with the results. Possible elements: Team Roles. Mindful Listening. Non Violent (Mindful) Communication. Effective Team Meeting role-play. Identifying team development needs for the 2 day team journey offsite.

  • For teams/departments
  • 0,5 day
  • Onsite or Offsite as desired
  • 5-30 participants
  • Eur 1200 – 2000,- (Depending on group size, Excluding travel- and location costs)


Team Journey Building Trust - Offsite (2 day)

Unplug and reconnect as a team. Two days off-site with focus on building psychological safety, trust and leverage diversity as a team.

We invite you to find the space for a deeper level of relating & communicating. Away from the daily stressors and distractors, we train you to develop more awareness & insight into personal and collective patterns of behaviour.

We prepare the program tailored to your specific team needs.

In 2 days we cover elements of Stress Management; Personal Leadership; Mindful Listening; Non Violent (Mindful) Communication skills & Team Meeting Dynamics using techniques like Deep Democracy.

When desired, these days can include working on an actual Change/Innovation case using World Café and Uprocess. (See also: Leadership Team Change Journey

  • For teams/departments
  • 2 days (& 1 night)
  • Offsite, amidst nature
  • 5-30 participants
  • Eur 5.250, – 8.750,- (Depending on group size. Excluding location/travel costs)

Intro Mindful Leadership - senior managers (1 hour)

Making a shift from Command Control to Trust based leadership. This workshop introduces the 10x 1 hour Mindful Leadership training program.

Covered: what is Mindful Leadership? Why do we need Mindful leaders? The neuroscience behind Mindful leadership and the benefits. Learning to lead self, others and change from trust, connectedness and wisdom to thrive in a VUCA world.

  • 6-15 managers
  • 1 hour
  • On-site
  • Eur 950,-

Mindful Sustainable Leadership Training (10x 1 hour)

Finding the space to Lead for Change in complex dynamic environments

The current VUCA world needs a new type of leader: People who are able to guide and inspire. Leaders who – despite high pressure – can create space in their minds and hearts to fully open to what is needed in each new moment – with an eye on the long term.

Courageous leaders who can let go of the need for certainty and predictability.

Leaders who can create a culture of trust: a safe space for themselves and others to embrace diversity, experiment, make mistakes and try again. People who can lead the shift towards People, Planet, Profit, Purpose.

At the basis of all this lies a strong, stable, perceptive attention ‘muscle’: trainable via Mindfulness, backed by neuroscience.

This 10 session (individual or group) program trains leaders to create space to lead themselves, others and lead change with open mind, open heart and open will (using Uprocess).

  • Leaders, Leadership Group
  • 10x 1 hour sessions
  • In-company
  • Individual or group (4-10 participants)
  • Eur 2450,- (individual), 9900,- (per group)

Mindful Leadership Individual Retreat (5 days in Spain)

From alienation to reconnection

In this current, fast changing world where insecurity and complexity are continuous drivers, alienation is a risk. Our natural reflex is to grasp for control and analyse. Important question: what responsibility do we have and take ourselves?

The retreat gives you a chance to explore the conscious and unconscious triggers driving your behaviour. It provides you with a chance to experience what choices you have. A shift from alienation to reconnection with yourself and the environment. To be able to act (again) with authenticity, from your purpose. Re-energised.

  • For individuals at a crossroads in their leadership
  • 5 days
  • 6-12 participants, open subscription
  • Amidst nature in Spain
  • Eur 790,- per participant (excluding travel costs)

“Mindfulness develops my consciousness and self-awareness. I register things on many more levels which improves the quality of my decisions. We advise leaders at the top: The best leaders I meet distinguish themselves with a high level of self-awareness. Mindfulbizz used Mindfulness based methods to train our research team, helping them deal with stress; listen to each other; make better decisions and come up with more creative ideas.”
Pieter Ligthart
Read his article on sustainable leadership here

The Mindfulbizz Leadership Training helped me achieve a new level of clarity of mind and sense of purpose. It allowed me to address the problems and questions I was facing day-to-day – both at work and with my personal objectives – with much more depth and creativity.
I would recommend the training to anyone, but especially to those that feel their schedules and minds are too cluttered with different things.”
Leonardo Moreno