IMD Lausanne: The CEO must become Mindful to meet todays challenges

The CEO has to develop Mindfulness capability

J.F. Manzoni, President IMD Lausanne is an advocate for Mindfulness, or Attention Training as a necessary basis for Leaders. He has stated this at numerous leadership gatherings on helping senior management to change to meet today’s challenges in a complex, dynamic, VUCA world. He was quoted about this in NL Financieel Dagblad and Singapore’s HR convention among others.

Manzoni: “Learning any new skill from scratch is hard, but learning to modify established behavior is even harder. Most of the time you are on autopilot which doesn’t allow for the needed change or development. As a result, it’s not only the leader who loses out but often their business is affected.

So how do we help executives embrace the need to learn, or re-learn skills, despite their years of expertise?

How do we enhance their impact? Repeated interventions,” he says.

Interrupting the status quo is what Manzoni refers to as an “intervention”, where leaders create a space to develop an awareness and mindfulness capability in their workday, to create real change in long-standing behaviors.

As Mindfulbizz we offer a complete approach, using Attention Training as a necessary basis to offer a blend of both ‘offsite interventions’ AND Mindful leadership capabilities training ‘on the job, amidst the workday heat’.

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