Our 1-1 purpose led present leadership training + 4 supportive corporate group programs help you and your business build muscle to stay present and lead from purpose: even amidst great turbulence.

We use attention training as a key enabler to achieve this. (See our Whitepaper for scientific evidence) in 4 levels of learning:

  1. Learn to manage your own vitality & balance
  2. Learn to act from presence & purpose
  3. Master the team art of connective communication
  4. Facilitate collective change, involving stakeholders

The 1-1 program (grey arrow in diagram, see home page) trains 1 leader across all 4 levels. The other 4 programs trains larger groups of people per level. Start with what your organization needs most: see our 4 proposition descriptions below.

Find vitality, balance & resilience

Corporate Mindfulness Program



Lay the foundation for change: corporate mindfulness program

Corporate Mindfulness Program - Employees (5 x 3 hours)

Goal of this training: Self-management of own vitality,  resilience, boundaries & balance at work (home will thank you for it).

Mindfulness is not a relaxation tool. Mindfulness training is an awareness training. Daily practice builds awareness of our personal stress reaction: when and why it gets triggered and what our automated patterns of reactivity are. Rooted in Neuroscience, this training helps participants to start to recognise when functional stress (=adrenaline to boost performance) spills over into dysfunctional stress and how this phenomena affects body, mind, mood, balance & effectiveness at work.

In 5 modules + daily home practice (commitment needed!) people learn how to recognise and manage their energy and boundaries. They start to see through stress triggers, automatic patterns of reactivity and learn how to give a flexible response under pressure.


  • For Employees
  • (For Senior Managers we recommend a separate group training or a 1-1 Purpose Led Present Leadership training)
  • 5 modules of 3 hours taken in sequence over the course of 3-6 months (+ individual intake)
  • In-company
  • 6-10 participants
  • Eur: 6000,-

Intro Corporate Mindfulness Program - Employees (2 hours)

Goal of this workshop: Test interest with employees in training Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is often considered only as a wellness tool to help employees increase vitality and balance at work. But it’s concrete value applied to business context is much broader. Mindfulness trains fundamental attention skills enabling successful self-awareness and self-management of own vitality, resilience and balance. This self-awareness and self-management forms the basis for working from presence & purpose, building team trust and managing collective change. 

In the workshop the following aspects will be highlighted: What is the Corporate Mindfulness Program? Demystifying Mindfulness introducing it’s Neuro-scientific background.

And more specifically: what is the applied value of the Mindfulness Foundations Program for Vitality, Resilience, and balance at Work?

With Brief Mindfulness exercises woven into the session.


  • For Employees
  • 2 hours
  • In-company, 10-30 participants
  • Goal: test/gain interest in joining the Corporate Mindfulness Program
  • Eur: 750,-. (reduced from Fundamental Program fee if signup after intro)

Intro Corporate Mindfulness Program - Managers (1-2 hours)

Goal of this workshop: create buy-in and support from managers for employees training Mindfulness. Introduction to the Mindfulness Foundations Program and it’s benefits for people and business. Highlighting neuroscience and the rationale for allowing employees to practice Mindfulness at work. Understanding what to expect and how employees and managers can integrate mindfulness based ways of working.


  • For (senior) Management
  • 1-2 hours
  • In-company, 10-30 participants
  • Goal: Generate buy-in and support for employees participating in Mindfulness training
  • Eur: 950

Integrate learnings into ways of working - post-program anchoring toolkit

Goal: Embed Mindfulness lessons learned and practices into the organization. A practical guide to apply Mindfulness @work. Is needed in combination with Senior Manager workshop to create understanding, buy-in and subscribe to the ‘Support Manifesto’.

Practicalities: toolkit includes:

  • Senior Management Support Manifesto checklist
  • Tips and support creating a meditation space
  • Micro practices to integrate into ways of working
  • Mindful meeting micro practices tips + poster
  • Mindful Non Violent Communication steps poster
  • (Open office) workspace improvement tools 

Eur: 1500,-

Optional add-on: Train up internal ambassadors to

  • Host the meditation space
  • Take the lead to apply Mindful micro practices In meetings, communications and more

Cost dependent on # ambassadors and needs.

Learn to act from presence & purpose

Attention training program


Learn to act from presence & purpose – Attention Training

Attention Training Program - Modular - employees (6x 3 hours)

Goal of the training:

Build attention muscle to successfully work from presence and focus on purpose.


Our minds are wired to follow distractions and react from habit, especially under pressure. Our digital, ‘always on’, profit driven world has the daily power to pull our attention into distractions, targets and short term gains. Making it hard to keep mind and heart-space for what matters most.

Strong attention skills are fundamental for all of your employees if you want them to navigate the current VUCA world with presence and focus on purpose. A strong stable attention can – and needs to be – trained!


The Program consists of 6 modules addressing the 6 aspects of Attention:

  1. Focus & monotasking
  2. Meta awareness of thoughts
  3. Impulse control
  4. Time management? Attention Management! (using Covey)
  5. Attentive listening & communication for teams
  6. Effective purposeful meetings

The 6 modules are taken in sequence, with home practice in between.


  • For employees 
  • 3 hours per module
  • Over a chosen time period (±6 months is best)
  • On-site
  • Groups of 6-10 people
  • Eur: 1200,- per module, per group

Intro to the Attention Training Program - Employees (2 hours)

Goal of the workshop: 

Test/gain openness for the Attention Training Program.


Understanding the need to train the attention. Introducing it’s Neuro-scientific background. Understanding the applied value of training the mind to focus on the right priorities & purpose. With Brief Mindfulness exercises woven into the session.


  • For Employees
  • 2 hours
  • In-company, 10-30 participants
  • Eur: 750,-

Intro to the Attention Training Program - Managers (1-2 hours)

Goal of the workshop: 

Generate manager buy-in and support for the Attention Training Program.


General introduction to building attentional muscle as key enabler for working from presence and purpose.  Highlighting neuroscience. Understanding what to expect and how employees and managers can integrate attention-based ways of working.


  • For (senior) Management
  • 1-2 hours
  • In-company, 10-30 participants
  • Eur 950,-

Attention Training - L&D HR masterclass (2 hours)

Goal of the masterclass: 

Co-design the best approach to weaving Attention Training into your existing L&D/MD offers.


This Masterclass gives insight in the value of training the attention as a fundamental part of L&D/MD. Together we co-design the best approach to unlock the full potential of people and organizational purpose.


  • For HR Learning & Development / Management Development
  • 2 hours
  • In-company, 1-10 participants
  • Eur: 950,-


Build team trust

Connective communication team building day(s)



Build Team Trust: 0,5-2 day teambuilding days 

Team Trust Building workshop - Teams (0,5 day)


Increase understanding & appreciation of differences in perspectives, backgrounds, values, personality types & communication styles. Learn to practice connective communication: from basic common human needs. Connective communication improves team bond & trust.

Elements covered:

  1. Personality types & communication styles. Uses personality/team role test (MBTI, DISC, Insights) as basis for effective connective communication.
  2. Neuroscience of social stress 
  3. Effective Connective Communication. Combines interactive Mindfulness, Deep listening, Non- Violent Communication techniques to explore what basic common human needs underly friction in interaction turn this around to build trust


  • For teams/departments
  • 0,5 day
  • Onsite or Offsite as desired
  • 5-30 participants
  • Eur 1200 – 2000,- (depending on team needs)
  • Excluding travel- and location costs

Team Trust Building day - Offsite (1 day)


In addition to increasing understanding differences & practicing connective communication, team members learn to work with personal- & team stress patterns, practicing how to reconnect to self and others under pressure. This maintains trust in stress & turbulence.

Elements covered:

  1. Personal boundaries:recognize and act on them
  2. Individual stress reaction patterns
  3. Mindful self-awareness & re-centering
  4. Personality types & communication styles
  5. Neuroscience of social stress
  6. Effective Connective Communication


  • For teams/departments
  • 1 day
  • Offsite
  • 5-30 participants
  • Eur 2100 – 3500,- (depending on team needs)
  • Excluding location/travel costs

Team Journey Building Trust - Offsite (2 days)


Increase understanding of differences & practicing connective communication. work with stress patterns and build trust under pressure. Apply learnings for effective decision making in a real team meeting (around purpose or key theme).

Elements covered:

  1. Personal boundaries:recognize and act on them
  2. Individual stress reaction patterns
  3. Mindful self-awareness & re-centering
  4. Personality types & communication styles
  5. Neuroscience of social stress
  6. Effective Connective Communication
  7. Recognizing a team stress dynamic and hit pause
  8. Team sensing journey – around key theme
  9. Bringing it all together in a real team meeting
  10. Effective decision making – practices & tools
  11. Morning & evening meditation & yoga

When desired, these days can include working on an actual Change/Innovation case using World Café and Uprocess. (See also: Leadership Team Change Journey


  • For teams/departments
  • 2 days (& 1 night)
  • Offsite, amidst nature
  • 5-30 participants
  • Eur 5.250 – 8.750,- (depending on team needs)
  • Excluding location/travel costs

Master collective change management

Change journey(s)


Change journeys for individual change agents and leadership teams

Workshop Collective System Change - Change Agents (0,5 day)

Insights into the integral approach to disruptive change and innovation (Uprocess TheoryU) for People, Planet, Purpose and the importance of training the attention to stay balanced, present and focus on purpose.

  • For Change Agents & Leadership teams
  •  3-4 hours
  • On- or off-site
  • 6-30 managers, 1 trainer per 10 participants
  • Investment: 1200 euro per trainer (Excl. travel/location costs)

Change Journey offsite - Leadership Teams (2 day)

Unplug and connect to your collective (new) Purpose or disruptive change/innovation question. With the shared responsibility of People, Planet, Purpose as a guidance.

  • For Change Agents & Leadership teams
  • 2 days (1 night)
  • Amidst nature
  • 6-20 managers
  • Eur 5.250 – 8.750 (Excl. travel/location costs).

Master collective change management - facilitated roll-out traject (6x 1-2 day)

6x 1-2 day facilitated modules using Uprocess (TheoryU) tools and attention training. Modules build on each other over the course of ±1 year depending on client pace. In between sessions there are essential assignments for change agent + company to take on.

  1. Co-initiating: 1 day

Goal: Map system and stakeholders, identify system representatives & define approach to start.

Assignment: Invite system representatives for Convening Day.

  1. Convening: 1 day

Goal: Bring together system representatives. Lower the barriers created by silos; hierarchy & conditioned minds.

Assignment: System mapping, ‘Shadowing’ participants for a workday & stakeholder interviews.

  1. Connecting: 2 day

Goal: Build a trust container. Opening the Heart: shift from personal like/dislikes to diversity & inclusion

Assignment: Co-sensing journey in subgroups to enhance awareness of all stakeholder perspectives

  1. Presencing silent retreat: 2 day

Goal: Digesting insights of assignments, connecting to source and the emerging future

  1. Crystallizing: 1 day

Goal: Crystallizing new vision, Purpose and start outlining tangible & intangible aspects of the new.

Assignment: continue crystallisation process in company.

  1. Prototyping: 1  day

Goal: start identifying and building a prototype of the new system. Defining first experiments.

Assignment: continue prototyping process in company.

  1. Co-evolving: 1 day

Goal: Identifying ‘what does not serve’ and practicing honesty, vulnerability and letting go of invested efforts. Even when under pressure to deliver results.

  • For Change Agents & Leadership teams
  • 1-2 day modules
  • On- or off-site
  • 6+ people, 1 trainer per 10 participants
  • 1750 euro per trainer 1 day module
  • 2500 euro per trainer 2 day module (Excl. travel/ location costs).

Individual - reconnecting to self & purpose - Retreat (5 days in Spain)

From alienation to reconnection to your authentic self and purpose

In this current, fast changing world where insecurity and complexity are continuous drivers, alienation is a risk. Our natural reflex is to grasp for control and analyse. Important question: what responsibility do we have and take ourselves?

The retreat gives you a chance to explore the conscious and unconscious triggers driving your behaviour. It provides you with a chance to experience what choices you have. A shift from alienation to reconnection with yourself and the environment. To be able to act (again) with authenticity, from your purpose. Re-energised.

  • For individuals at a crossroads in their leadership
  • 5 days
  • 6-12 participants, open subscription
  • Amidst nature in Spain
  • Eur 790,- per participant (excluding travel costs)