To collaborate from presence & purpose for a radically better world

Our 1-1 purpose led present leadership training + 4 supportive corporate group programs help you and your business build muscle to stay present and lead from purpose: even amidst great turbulence.

We use attention training as a key enabler to achieve this. (Why? See science + Whitepaper at bottom of this page) in 4 levels of learning:

  1. Learn to manage your own vitality & balance
  2. Learn to act from presence & purpose
  3. Master the team art of connective communication
  4. Facilitate collective change, involving stakeholders

The 1-1 program (grey arrow in left diagram, see home page) trains 1 leader across all 4 levels. The other 4 programs train larger groups of people on the level(s) your organization needs most. Check the 4 needs profiles directly below:

  • Help your people find vitality, resilience & balance: corporate mindfulness

    Does your company attract ambitious can-do people who give work their all? Teach them how to navigate the pressures and turbulence of work and life successfully without burning up or losing heart.

    Corporate Mindfulness program
  • Help your people act from presence & purpose: train their attention

    Are your people 'always on'? Is non-stop information & distraction affecting your people’s ability to pay attention, connect to purpose and focus on the right priorities? Help them build mental muscle to be fully present and act from purpose.

    Attention training program
  • Build team trust: master the art of connective communication

    Is your team diverse & ambitious? With good intentions to bring out the best in each other, but quick to revert to habitual interactions under pressure? Work on your team trust & effectiveness by mastering the art of connective communication together.

    team building day(s)
  • Shift your business to become a force for good: Master Collective Change

    Ase a change agent amidst the forces of the profit system, you need more than personal balance, presence & focus on purpose! Learn to mobilize stakeholders stuck in their silos and reconnect them with each other, planet and common purpose. Using Uprocess.

    Change journeys

Stress Reactivity -25%

Resilience +22%

Focus +30%

Emotional Stability +50%

Conscious Decision-making +50%

Source: D. Goleman & R. Davidson: “Altered Traits”, A Research paper metastudy on mindfulness training (2017)

The effects of attention training (mindfulness) on the human brain have been studied bij neuroscience since 1979. Thousands of studies show that daily attention training for a period of 8+ weeks improves health; stress resilience and strengthens neural pathways to higher brain regions. So that social intelligence, deeper wisdom and purpose stay accessible under pressure.

A recent meta study by Daniel Goleman et all. has re-evaluated these studies to show human traits can be durably altered through long term attention training. 

Download our white-paper below for more details on the value of attention training and proven benefits for business.

Download WhitePaper: scientific evidence