To help your people lead themselves, lead (with) others and lead change

Attention training is fundamental to developing leadership in business on 4 levels:

  1. Manage self: my vitality/balance
  2. Lead self: my attention/performance
  3. Lead others/together: build trust as leader/team
  4. Lead change

So where to start to bring your employees, team or managers to the next level?

Scroll down to read our 4 needs profiles. Click on the one that resonates most. This will bring you to the corresponding key program page. There you will see a menu: the key program + intro workshops to test interest for this program in your organisation. We know mindfulness is sensitive to introduce, so we adapt our language and customize programs.

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  • Help your people find vitality, resilience & balance: corporate mindfulness

    Are you a HR manager or Wellbeing project lead? Does your company attract ambitious people who need to navigate high pressures successfully to avoid burn-out and stay engaged?

    Corporate Mindfulness program
  • Help your people act from presence & purpose: train their attention

    Are your people 'always on'? Is information overload & non-stop distraction affecting your people’s ability to pay attention and focus on the right priorities? Help them build mental muscle to be fully present and act from purpose.

    Attention training program
  • Build team trust: master the art of connective communication

    Is your team diverse & ambitious? With good intentions to bring out the best in each other, but quick to revert to habitual interactions under pressure? Take a team day together to master the art of connective communication and build trust.

    team building day(s)
  • Shift your business to people planet profit purpose: Manage Collective Change

    Are you an (Agile) Change agent looking to lead change for a shift to People, Planet, Profit, Purpose? In a complex, multi-stakeholder environment? Do you find intentions to change don’t stick because people are hardwired to revert to habit?

    Change journeys

Stress Reactivity -25%

Resilience +22%

Focus +30%

Emotional Stability +50%

Conscious Decision-making +50%

Source: D. Goleman & R. Davidson: “Altered Traits”, A Research paper metastudy on mindfulness training (2017)

Daily practice – on the job – strengthens neural access to higher brain regions. So that social intelligence, deeper wisdom and purpose stay accessible under pressure.
That is why Mindfulbizz uses attention training as a fundamental layer to facilitate successful development and change programs that are custom-made together with their clients.
Using both retreats and applied learning on the job to help teams and leaders thrive in a VUCA world.

Download WhitePaper: scientific evidence