CNN inteview: The value of Attention training for changing and evolving Society

With Jon Kabat-Zinn

In this video CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviews the ‘godfather’ of Mindfulness as we know it in Western Society today. Together they explore Jon’s views on how Attention Training can contribute to a profound change in Society.

“What we learned in scientific studies is that our human beingness as a whole possesses an incredible plasticity. How we cultivate ourselves influences our biological, psychological and social functioning. So when it comes to influencing our potential cultural evolution, we have and absurdly unique and valuable opportunity to do so.

In a way, the horrors we experience in our world are a chance: we have never been here before as humanity. On the one hand we are continually distracted by our global digital networks products. On the other hand: if we can experience a deep connection with each other on a global level: digitally and non-digitally, then we already changed the world, even if it does not seem that way yet. If you can practice that sense of feeling present and connected to self and others: every moment, every day {…} that is practicing Mindfulness. {…} It is not about reducing a little stress for yourself, it becomes a social cultural phenomena.”

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