workplace 'mindfulness' develops Social Intelligence against AI disruption

research out of Oxford suggests 47% of job roles will be replaced by AI in the next 20 years.

The only jobs that will not see automation will be ones that depend heavily upon human social intelligence skills.

Despite advances in AI conversational interfaces, this technology is not likely to catch up anytime soon with the human ability to understand and apply context when, for example, cultivating customers, motivating employee teams or brainstorming.

“As artificial intelligence and predictive analytics become more mainstream, the workplace demands that we move past simply being smart to being wise and skillful,” said Michael Carroll, COO of the Global Coaching Alliance and author of Fearless at Work.

Caroll was among the presenters at the Mindful Workplace Summit in Silicon Valley: a two day event on workplace mindfulness programs including a.o. Amazon, Facebook, Google, SAP, Disney and UPS representatives. There were there to explore how Mindfulness can increase employee wellbeing and protect the bottom line. One of the major themes was the impact of AI on employees and what to do about it: looking at Attention Training programs to help employees hone their human social intelligence skills; create psychological safety and develop emotionally intelligent leadership.

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