Mindful teamwork – the team art of connective communication

Teams that communicate effectively are able to forge completer decisions using the diverse perspectives available in the room. They take the time to explore different views without allowing differences in perspective or values to spill over into (personal) conflict. Good communication helps build trust. This makes sense, right?

New research on Team Mindfulness by Lingtao Yu and Mary Zellmer-Bruhnin, shows how Team Mindfulness Training plays a crucial role in Conflict Transformation and building Trust (safeguarding against Social Undermining).

The Yu-Zellmer-Bruhin study defines team mindfulness as “a shared belief among team members that their interactions are characterized by awareness and attention to present events,” without negatively judging what happens. This definition implicitly emphasizes how team members can share strengths in emotional intelligence. Mutual competencies in self-awareness and empathy–as well as team-wide acknowledgement of the importance of these norms–yield a mindful team, especially when the leader is also on board.

Mindfulness training is well known as an individual practice, improving focus among other things. But there are three types of focus: inner, other, and outer. Inner focus attunes us to our intuitions and guiding values with self-awareness, which helps us make better decisions. Other focus guides our connections to people, utilizing empathy and the relationship management competencies. And outer focus enables us to navigate the larger world.

So, mindful teamwork training using mindfulness should reduce conflict and increase focus, which in turn notches up performance.

At Mindfulbizz, our connective communication team building days are a combination of Communication Styles; Team Roles (DISC, MBTI a.o.); (Non Violent) Connective Communication; Emotional Intelligence techniques, Group Dynamics and Attention Training (Mindfulness). 

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