CBS News: Harari on the rise of AI and importance of training Emotional Intelligence

Harari, author of Homo Deus and 21 lessons for the 21st century explains to CBS News: “AI or biotech: technology is not inherently good or bad, you can use it to build heaven or hell, it’s up to us (..) we need to focus on training ourselves in Emotional Intelligence, mental stability and resilience”.

To this end, Harari trains with mindfulness (vipassana) meditation for 2hrs (!) a day.

As humans our brains are wired towards forming habits (good or bad for us) and repeating them. Using this mechanism of ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’; our ‘always on’ technologies and appliances start messing with our ability to focus and pay attention to each other.

But we are not powerless against this mechanism: Personal and Interpersonal Attention Training rewire the brain towards mental stability, resilience and emotional intelligence in interaction.

A phenomenon called neuroplasticity that Harari is well aware of.

Listen to the whole interview with Harari here:

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