McKinsey: Finding the space to lead for the long term: observe more, react less

A French country manager from a Fortune 500 Electronics company once exclaimed to me: “Where the #&$*# do I find the space to lead and focus on long term priorities. When all I do all day is short term fire fighting!?”

We all understand Stephen Covey’s habits of personal effectiveness and the 4 quadrant model of priorities. We understand the importance intellectually, but embodying that knowledge; actually living it, is a different ballgame. In this day and age, finding the space to lead is not about time management. It is about Attention Management. You can only spend your attention once, and in 1 place. Or fail trying to give quality attention to several things at once. How can leaders take the drivers’ seat with their own attention and come to more complete decision making with an eye on the long term?

Attention Training (or Mindfulness) is the key, a necessary basis to find space in the Mind and then the agenda. Mindfulbizz designs tailored training for employees and leaders using Attention training as a necessary basis to work on Vitality, Focus, Long Term Priorities, Building Trust, Innovation, Agility and Systems Change.

Read McKinseys Principal Manish Chopra’s (Author of The Equanimous Mind) story on the value of Mindfulness for his day to day work here:



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