Purpose involves finding meaning in life, uncovering what you’re passionate about and how and where you decide to use your talents and expertise. Uncovering your purpose should clarify how and where you will make a measurable difference in this world.

If you manage a team, understanding the “why” for your organization — and then helping your team internalize it and perhaps even unlock their own “whys” — can be a very compelling team-building exercise.

By fostering and practicing mindfulness, you can create a positive, in-the-moment work environment that enables team members to learn and develop their individual purpose, always being mindful of how their role affects others. By instilling a culture of purpose-driven work, you can set collaborative team and individual goals that get people out of their comfort zone, achieve those goals, celebrate accomplishing them, then reset and pursue new ones after a short period of “recovery.”

What does this look like in real life? Mindful, purpose-driven leadership will fine-tune your ability to recognize growth opportunities for yourself and others; understand how to effectively set goals and achieve them; adapt to challenges along the way, especially those that involve the human element and require mindfulness; and motivate others to help you pursue and achieve your purpose — while contributing to a positive culture, improved bottom line and more fulfilled employees.

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