Manage your Vitality, Balance & Resilience

In this age of increasing stress & burn-out risk, it is essential that people develop personal leadership to successfully manage own energy levels, boundaries, priorities and work-life balance. Young people especially need to learn to navigate the overload of information, requests and changes coming to them and make authentic choices: both at work and in private.

Mindfulness training – at its fundamental level – helps do just that.

But Mindfulness is not a relaxation tool: it trains attention skills layer by layer. The ‘Mindfulness fundamentals’ layer increases (self-)awareness of distractors; stress triggers; physical-; emotional- & mental reactions to stressors. Participants learn to recognize and manage their own vitality, boundaries, priorities & balance. And give an authentic, flexible response under pressure.

Fundamentals Program


Get started in your business: the mindfulness fundamentals program

Intro Workshop Mindfulness - Employees (2 hours)

Goal of this workshop: Test interest with employees in training Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is often considered only as a wellness tool to help employees increase vitality and balance at work. But it’s concrete value applied to business context is much broader. Mindfulness trains fundamental attention skills enabling personal Resilience, Peak Performance; Building Trust when practiced in Teams and develops a truly Agile Mindset for Change.

In the workshop the following aspects will be highlighted: What is the Mindfulness Foundations Program? Demystifying Mindfulness introducing Neuro-scientific background.

And more specifically: what is the applied value of the Mindfulness Foundations Program for Vitality, Resilience, and Personal Leadership at Work?

With Brief Mindfulness exercises woven into the session.

  • For Employees
  • 2 hours
  • In-company, 10-30 participants
  • Goal: test/gain interest in joining the Fundamental Program Mindfulness
  • Eur: 750,-. (reduced from Fundamental Program fee if signup after intro)

Intro workshop Mindfulness - Managers (1-2 hours)

Goal of this workshop: create buy-in and support from managers for employees training Mindfulness. Introduction to the Mindfulness Foundations Program and it’s benefits for people and business. Highlighting neuroscience and the rationale for allowing employees to practice Mindfulness at work. Understanding what to expect and how employees and managers can integrate mindfulness based ways of working.

  • For (senior) Management
  • 1-2 hours
  • In-company, 10-30 participants
  • Goal: Generate buy-in and support for employees participating in Mindfulness training
  • Eur: 950

Mindfulness Fundamentals Program - Employees (5x 3 hours)

Goal of this training: Develop Personal Leadership in managing own energy, boundaries & balance at work (home will thank you for it).

Mindfulness is not a relaxation tool. Mindfulness training is an awareness training. Daily practice builds awareness of our personal stress reaction: when and why it gets triggered and what our automated patterns of reactivity are. Rooted in Neuroscience, this training helps participants to start to recognise when functional stress (=adrenaline to boost performance) spills over into dysfunctional stress and how this phenomena affects body, mind, mood, balance & effectiveness at work.

In 5 modules + daily home practice (commitment needed!) people learn how to recognise and manage their energy and boundaries. They start to see through stress triggers, automatic patterns of reactivity and learn how to give a flexible response under pressure.

  • For Employees (For Senior Managers we recommend a group/1-1 Mindful Leadership training)
  • 5 modules of 3 hours taken in sequence over the course of 3-6 months (+ individual intake)
  • In-company
  • 6-10 participants
  • Eur: 6000,-

Integrate Mindfulness in ways of working - anchoring toolkit

Goal: Embed Mindfulness lessons learned and practices into the organization. A practical guide to apply Mindfulness @work. Is needed in combination with Senior Manager workshop to create understanding, buy-in and subscribe to the ‘Support Manifesto’.

Toolkit includes:

  • Senior Management Support Manifesto checklist
  • Tips and support creating a meditation space
  • Micro practices to integrate into ways of working
  • Mindful meeting micro practices tips + poster
  • Mindful Non Violent Communication steps poster
  • (Open office) workspace improvement tools 

Eur: 1500,-

Optional add-on: Train up internal ambassadors to

  • Host the meditation space
  • Take the lead to apply Mindful micro practices In meetings, communications and more

Cost dependent on # ambassadors and needs.


“In 8 weeks, I learned how Mind training improves my work. The awareness exercised led me to see what conditioning kicks in under pressure and how to break unhelpful patterns. In difficult interactions I learned how to separate fact from interpretation and acces my real feelings/needs to communicate more effectively.
This inspires my work at Workplace Strategies: we help clients define their workplace experience vision and translate it to tangible solutions using health & wellbeing concepts such as nutrition, hydration, light, air, comfort & mental wellness.”