In 2016, Mindfulbizz was invited to facilitate an interactive afternoon at Deloitte’s Agile Transformation department. Topic: Cultivating an Agile Mindset through Mindfulness.

One of the key insights of that workshop for Agile Changemakers was how many of the principles of mindfulness are shared with those from agile practices. The human mindset is not naturally agile. Quite the opposite actually: the human mind tends to create bundles of associations and experiences together called ‘conditioning’ of the body-mind system. We create attachments, and aversions, and find it hard to see through this conditioning with fresh eyes and let go of what no longer serves us.

Mindfulbizz Attention Training programs helps people pierce through this conditioning and learn to let go. We help organisations train to develop an Agile Mindset.

One Deloitte Changemaker from Deloitte Australia blogged about the value of MIndfulness practice for Agile (unrelated to our workshop but related in theme):

“The agile approach places importance on people, collaboration, and responsiveness to change, and aims to deliver benefits such as enhanced stakeholder and team engagement, early feedback to the customer, early problem identification, and earlier return on investment.

When one considers that the practice of mindfulness aims to stimulate emotional intelligence, empathic interpersonal relationships, and the flexibility to accept change, it becomes increasingly apparent that there are commonalities in the mindset and footprint of these two approaches.

The core principles that are common between both an agile and mindful approach are:

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