International Realestate Provider



This company has a lot of high energy, goal getting employees in their early 30’s. HR wanted to introduce Mindfulness training into the L&D curriculum as a tool for wellbeing, vitality and balance. Over the course of 2 years, Mindfulbizz trained around 25% of the employees with the 8-week fundamentals program. Participants experienced the effects of the training on recognizing and acting on their boundaries; setting and keeping priorities; improved focus and communication. The next level needs were identified through an aggregated anonymized Mindfulbizz report on outtakes of  ±100 employees: to grow on empathy and relational warmth by training interactive mindfulness in teams and with clients.

The company is now ready to take the next step to make interactive mindfulness an integral part of their team development; ways of working and Learning and Development program.

HR Manager:
“I was looking to offer Mindfulness as part of our Academy to help people find more balance: People are young and under high pressure here, they need to take personal leadership over their time and energy. Mindfulbizz report showed we need to grow on empathy and relational warmth: we feel we just don’t have the time to be sociable. I believe our company could benefit a lot from integrating Mindful ways of working. This requires active buy in from Senior Management.”

Global Software Company


This International company has highly educated, diverse employees. Their CEO – a long time meditator – is convinced of the value of Mindfulness training for personal growth, effectiveness & talent attraction/retention. Mindfulbizz was invited to design a program for a pilot wellbeing project in the Amsterdam office. We helped shift the companies thinking on the project aim: from an emphasis on Wellness towards Mind Training for peak performance. Our challenge: build the case for Attention training with ‘the other 90%’ of employees, beyond the ‘usual 10%’. We did so by offering introduction workshops tailored to different management level audiences. Alternating neuroscience; interactive practices and challenge games to directly experience the effects of mindfulness on peak performance. At the end, the international VP’s were ready to embrace Attention Training and offer it to their employees.

Senior director Organisational development & Transformation:
“I am convinced of the value of this to really transform the sales teams and be more focused. My goal is to reach not just the 10% who already do this type of thing but to convince the other 90%.”
Office wellbeing project lead:
“we appreciate the solid basis that you helped us build, you helped further our thinking on the value of mindfulness not as wellness tool but as mind training for peak performance”.


Fortune 500 Global Power Company


This company – with highly educated, internationally diverse people – is continually challenged by the fast pace of change and disruptive shift to sustainable energy happening in their industry. The CEO – a long time meditation practitioner – is a role model in demonstrating mindful leadership amidst the complex challenges and uncertainties inherent to their business sector. He decided to invest in unlocking his leadership teams’ full potential and invited Mindfulbizz to train the leadership team in Mindful Leadership. Helping them learn to thrive amidst the complex challenges of their dynamic business sector.

Mindfulbizz offered both a 10 week group Mindful Leadership training and 1-1 10 week trajectories plus follow-up support. Sessions took place at the European Headquarters + video conferencing for virtual presence of those travelling or living abroad.

Quotes from leadership team members:
The sessions really helped me achieve a new level of clarity of mind, sense of purpose.”
“Being mindful starts with your willingness and intention, which is fundamental but not enough. Learning to be focused in the present moment: acknowledge and accept your feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations is something Mindfulbizz facilitates with compassion and professional excellence. 
“The trainers were flexible and willing to adapt to our busy schedules”

Leading Consultancy Agency


A research department was challenged by their company management on their right to exist in the future and asked to come up with a vision and approach reinventing themselves to adapt for the future market conditions and developments. First the team was taken on a 2 day off-site retreat: here, they were trained in the basic skills of Mindfulness in order to then apply those in interaction with each other for effective communication: learning how to get the most from the diversity in the room and how to move beyond stuck moments of debating and resistance against addressing the question on their right to exist. In 2 half day follow up sessions, the team was facilitated in coming up with a concrete vision and action plan to present to their management.

Research Team member:
“A real recommendation for anyone wanting to unlock their potential and learn how to observe situations without judgment. As a team, we learned how to work together more effectively; create space for new insights and give more depth to our projects.”

Progressive service provider


Being voted one of NL’s best places to work, this company set out to collectively embody the change they wanted to see in the world. The company dropped their ‘command/control’ approach and managed to successfully shift towards trust based, shared leadership and situational organising.  Mindfulness was taken on board as a key element helping to let go of old worn out organisational structures and succesfully make this shift. Mindfulbizz trained the company in the fundamentals of awareness and supported people in integrating day-to-day mindful communication practices at work. Improving natural personal leadership, team effectiveness and client interactions and therefore contributing to the overall mission of the company. Mindfulness training has now become integral part of the onboarding and L&D trajectory at this client.

“We shifted from appointed leadership and command/control to natural
personal leadership. Natural leadership is beautiful because you get it as long as you deserve it. It is based on trust”

Leading Consultancy Agency


When making the step from Senior Consultant to Project Manager, a shift in attention is needed: from task focus to relation focus.This requires becoming more mindful of oneself in interaction with clients; picking up on relational (non-verbal) signals; listening for unmet needs and responding on an emotional level before offering the suggested concrete approach. In the 3-day SC / PM leadership training, Mindfulbizz co-designed the interactive role-play day with the lead trainer using elements of attention training without calling it Mindfulness. Participants developed their levels of listening; learned about the neuroscience of pressure; discovered their individual reactivity patterns in difficult client settings (anger) and how to give an authentic conscious response in such situations.

HR Manager:
“Mindfulbizz added an extra dimension to our SC/PM Leadership Training using elements of Interactive Mindfulness (without calling it that!) in a pleasurable collaboration with us and the lead trainer for our existing 3-day program.”