Change journeys for systemic business shift to People Planet Profit Purpose

Companies today operate in an increasingly complex and dynamic (VUCA) world. Challenges are often disruptive, systemic and involve many stakeholders: each seeing one part of the ‘whole elephant’.

These conditions require an integral approach to change: one that combines system-dynamics with breaking down the silos across stakeholders. One that works on both the ‘tangible’ and the ‘intangible’ side of change: the connection of People with self, each other, Planet and the Emerging Future Purpose. And finally: one that trains an agile mindset to stay present & flexible no matter how heated things get.

Change Journeys


Change journeys for individual change agents and leadership teams

Workshop Collective System Change - Change Agents (0,5 day)

Insights in the integral approach to disruptive change and innovation (Uprocess) for People, Planet, Purpose and the importance of training agile mindsets.

  • For Change Agents & Leadership teams
  •  3-4 hours
  • On- or off-site
  • 6-30 managers, 1 trainer per 10 participants
  • Investment: 1200 euro per trainer (Excluding travel- and location costs)

Change Journey offsite - Leadership Teams (2 day)

Unplug and connect to your collective (new) Purpose or disruptive change/innovation question. With the shared responsibility of People, Planet, Purpose as a guidance.

  • For Change Agents & Leadership teams
  • 2 days (1 night)
  • Amidst nature
  • 6-20 managers
  • Eur 5.250 – 8.750 (Excluding travel/location costs).

Facilitating the change - roll-out trajectory for change leaders (6x 1-2 day)

6x 1-2 day modules that build on each other over the course of ±1 year depending on client pace. In Between sessions there are essential assignments for the company to take on.

  1. Co-initiating: 1 day

Goal: Map system and stakeholders, identify system representatives & define approach to start.

Assignment: Invite system representatives for Convening Day.

  1. Convening: 1 day

Goal: Bring together system representatives. Lower barriers of Silos; Hierarchy & conditioned Mind.

Assignment: System mapping, ‘Shadowing’ participants for a workday & stakeholder interviews.

  1. Connecting: 2 day

Goal: Build a trust container. Opening the Heart from personal like/dislikes to diversity & inclusion

Assignment: Co-sensing journey in subgroups to enhance awareness of all stakeholder perspectives

  1. Presencing silent retreat: 2 day

Goal: Digesting insights of assignments, connecting to source and the emerging  future

  1. Crystallizing: 1 day

Goal: Crystallizing new vision, Purpose and start outlining tangible & intangible aspects of the new.

Assignment: continue crystallisation process in company.

  1. Prototyping: 1  day

Goal: start identifying and building a prototype of the new system. Defining first experiments.

Assignment: continue prototyping process in company.

  1. Co-evolving: 1 day

Goal: Identifying ‘what does not serve’ and practicing honesty, vulnerability and letting go of invested efforts. Even when under pressure to deliver results.

  • For Change Agents & Leadership teams
  • 1-2 day modules
  • On- or off-site
  • 6+ people, 1 trainer per 10 participants
  • 1750 euro per trainer 1 day module
  • 2500 euro per trainer 2 day module (Excluding travel- and location costs).

Individual - reconnecting to self & purpose - Retreat (5 days in Spain)

From alienation to reconnection to your authentic self and purpose

In this current, fast changing world where insecurity and complexity are continuous drivers, alienation is a risk. Our natural reflex is to grasp for control and analyse. Important question: what responsibility do we have and take ourselves?

The retreat gives you a chance to explore the conscious and unconscious triggers driving your behaviour. It provides you with a chance to experience what choices you have. A shift from alienation to reconnection with yourself and the environment. To be able to act (again) with authenticity, from your purpose. Re-energised.

  • For individuals at a crossroads in their leadership
  • 5 days
  • 6-12 participants, open subscription
  • Amidst nature in Spain
  • Eur 790,- per participant (excluding travel costs)


“At DSM, I have taken my direct team on regular Leadership Journeys as part of my approach to creating an overall context of effective mindful leadership on the job.
The Mindfulbizz’ Leadership Training helped me recognize my specific need for practice and develop one. It has increased my ability to stay fully present (or recover faster!) no matter what challenges come on my path.”
Read her article on the new leadership and approach for change here.




Collective Systems Change.