Achieve Peak Performance & Unlock Potential

In this world of information overload, our ability to pay attention is under siege. Neuroscience Research shows our minds spend ± 47% wandering off-topic. Multitasking makes matters worse: taking 30% more time and 2x more errors vs. monotasking. Ongoing distraction shapes the brain: growing the ‘alarm’ system and weakening links to ‘care’ and ‘creative’  areas of the brain.

The result? We are always on alert! But the quality of focus and our ability to use new skills decrease. IN short: we do not reach Peak Performance.

So here is the case for building ‘Attentional Muscle’: it reverses the negative effects on the brain of stress, distraction, multitasking. A strong stable Attention is the key to unlock the full potential of all your learned skills and talents.


Attention Training Program


Weave our Attention Training modules into your L&D 

Intro Workshop Attention Training - Employees (2 hours)

Strong Attention Skills are fundamental to personal Resilience; Peak Performance; Building Trust when practiced in Teams and developing a truly Agile Mindset for Change.

In the workshop the following aspects will be highlighted:

What is the Attention Training Accelerator Program? Introducing it’s Neuro-scientific background. Understanding the applied value of the Attention Training Accelerator Program to Peak Performance & Unlocking the full potential of existing L&D/MD trajectories.

With Brief Mindfulness exercises woven into the session.

  • For Employees
  • 2 hours
  • In-company, 10-30 participants
  • Goal: to gain/test interest in joining the Attention Training Accelerator Program
  • Eur: 750,-

Intro workshop Attention Training - Managers (1-2 hours)

General introduction to the Attention Training Accelerator Program and its benefits for employees, L&D/MD and Peak Performing Business. Highlighting neuroscience and the rationale for allowing employees to train the attention at work. Understanding what to expect and how employees and managers can integrate Attention Training based ways of working.

  • For (senior) Management
  • 1-2 hours
  • In-company, 10-30 participants
  • Goal: Generate buy-in & support for employees in the Attention Training Accelerator Program
  • Eur 950,-

Intro 'Weaving Attention Training into L&D’ - HR (2 hours)

This Masterclass gives insight in the value of Attention Training as a fundamental part of L&D and MD to unlock full potential of people and organisation.

Together with you we Co-Create a step by approach to begin weaving Attention Training into L&D and MD and streamline different existing Mindfulness activities into 1 approach (e.g. integrate Mindfulness in vitality programs with L&D / MD & Org. Change Attention Training aspects)

  • For HR Learning & Development / Management Development
  • 2 hours
  • In-company, 1-10 participants
  • Goal: Co-create an approach with L&D to weave Attention training into existing trajectories
  • Eur: 950,-

Peak Performance Program: Attention Modules (6x 3 hours)

Attention Training Modular Program woven into existing L&D / MD trajectories.

The Program consists of 6 modules addressing the 6 aspects of Attention and how to train them all for Peak Performance. In addition the course provides key insight into the Neuroscience showing the ‘addictive’ component to multitasking and relentless goal orientedness (dopamine/adrenaline) and how to take Personal Leadership over these tendencies to reach real Peak Performance:

  1. Focus & monotasking
  2. Meta awareness of thoughts
  3. Impulse control
  4. Time management? Attentional Priority Management!
  5. Communication for Teams
  6. Effective Mindful Meetings

The 6 modules are taken in sequence, over the course of 1 L&D/MD trajectory, with home practice in between.

Practical details:

  • For Learning & Development / Management Development program participants
  • 3 hours per module, taken in sequence
  • On-site
  • Co-designed with head L&D/M to weave program into existing MD/L&D trajectory
  • Groups of 6-10 people
  • Eur: 1200,- per module, per group


“I found the Mindful Leadership Training really helpful and meaningful. The trainers were flexible and willing to adapt to the busy schedule of people dealing with multiple tasks.
I would recommend Mindfulbizz’ trainings to everybody who is willing to improve not only his/her management style but also to discover new, unknown personal strengths”
Nikolay Peychev